Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fire Station Tour

 We saw a lot of different parts of the Fire Station...such as the kitchen area, living area, sleeping area and so on...but of course the trucks were the best part for these boys!
 Blake kept saying, "I want to drive!"
They said each truck costs $1,000,000.00.  They get to design every little piece of the truck down to the nitty gritty stuff! Wouldn't that be fun?
 The firemen guiding us around were so patient and so kind with a bunch of 3 year olds and under.  They got a good workout lifting everyone in and out of the truck.
It was pretty hot out in the garage for so long so they let the boys turn on the hose and spray it and practice putting out fires.
 Then out of nowhere a fully decked out firemen showed up and let the kids look over his gear and try it on.  Blake made a new friend.
 The helmet was pretty heavy!
Just look at all those gadgets! This would keep them busy for months!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Running Shrine

 A good friend of mine showed me her Running Shrine one time when I was at her house and I instantly knew I needed one! For my birthday last year tyler gave me this piece of scrap wood to get me started.  Now just over a year later it is finished!!! I love it!
It holds all of my racing bibs and metals I've received from all the races I've run. It's pretty awesome having them out in the open now rather than stowed away in a box.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Heat is in Full Swing

 It's REALLY hot here in Texas.  Thankfully the heat didn't really come on until now.  But I still wasn't ready for it.  We have taken a few trips to Granbury(40 min. drive) to go to the Granbury Lake.  It's been really fun for the kids.  They have a nice beach area with imported sand and a gradual slope into the water.
 Austin loves going way out and swimming around with his life jacket.
 I have to keep a close eye on Blake because he does like to walk out as far as he can until the water gets up to his chin and then he tries to turn around and come back. AGH!
 Austin loves turning into a crocodile or a shark and scaring the girls!  He's always got his claws out.
 Endless hours of fun.  If only the water were 10 degrees cooler!
 Canoe is lookin' good on that truck!
 Playing in the back under the canoe.
Tyler built this wall around our fire pit.  I think it looks so cute!! Kind of like the base of a wishing well! Way to go Tyler! And he used the bricks from another spot in our yard so it cost us nothing.