Thursday, September 27, 2012

 Check out Blake's boots!! And he doesn't mind walking in them. Sweeeeet!
 Austin is a crazy sports fanatic.  Here is his awesome jumpshot.
Daddy put in a swing for the boys! They Love Love Love it. 
 They could swing all day...the hard thing is there is only one swing, so they have to switch off. ugh.
 We invited friends over to try it out.
 Cheesy grin
 My friend gave us this Jeep for Free!!! Her boy is too big for it now.  We are just waiting for her to find the battery now so it actually moves. haha. For now we push.  Here is Blake's friend Kai working on the engine.
 Happy boys!
Is this not the cutest picture ever?  I'm so glad Blake likes wearing bow ties!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

B I N G O !!!

 Last night we attended the Annual XTO Company Picnic.  This year it was at the COWBOY'S STADIUM!!!!  They gave us all Cowboy's jersies for free to wear to the party.  Austin, Blake and Tyler all got Romo, and I got Ware.
 They had a ton of games out for everyone to play.  You could punt a Field Goal, throw a football through tires, bounce houses, basketball shooting games, arcade games, face painting, circuit training, pool, ping pong, air hockey, Wii sports, and entertainment from a live band...and of course, a performance from the cowboy cheerleaders.
 However, before the big party started we sat through 2 hours of BINGO!!! Can't you tell Austin was so excited? haha.  Somehow we survived!
Here's Blake at the beginning...very happy
We even got free concessions from the people walking around. So of course I wanted COTTON CANDY! I made Austin try some.  He had maybe 3 bites and was done.
Blake sure did like it!  Can I have another one after this please?
 They gave away AMAZING prizes for winning BINGO.  I even got a Bingo! Although so did about 10 other people, so my name is entered into a drawing to see who actually won the prize.  The prize was Dr. Dre Beats Audio headphones. OH YAH! We'll find out on Monday who won. Other prizes included Kindle Fire, Ipads, $425 gift cards, lots more....and the biggest was $2000 towards air travel!
Austin LOVED the bounce house obstacle courses.  I was surprised at how well he did.

This was hilarious! He LEAPED off this high wall and just about face planted at the bottom and wasn't even phased! I think I need one at my house.
 Going down the slide!
 He did so well climbing up the last huge hill!
And then came flying down.  Austin just barely went down the Robot slide for the first time at the Robot park in Benbrook...he hasn't been too excited about going down slides until a couple weeks ago.   Good thing,. because otherwise he would have missed out on the fun!
 Austin kicking a field goal. We all cheered for him afterwards and he looked very pleased with himself
 Tyler missed just 3 feet to the right of the field goal! SOOOOO CLOSE! He should be kicking for BYU right now. haha.
I wasn't even close!
 Here's Austin doing the circuit training.  Running around the cones
 Running through tires. He did high knees inside each one, trying to be like the big kids in front of him who he saw go before him! It was hilarious. It took him forever to get through
The big finish!  We wish we could've stayed longer and gotten a tour of the locker room or taken crazy photos or kicked the Field Goal one more time...but we needed to get the boys home.  Overall it was a Blast!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Shower

 My friend, Bonnie, and I put on this Tennis Themed Shower for my friend.  It was sooo fun to plan!  I really have not planned many parties and definitely haven't ever done a themed part like this before.  I got some good ideas from my friend who has a blog of different party themed ideas she has and they are amazing!!  Her website is

 This was the main table with the food and the decorations.  Along with Tennis, the mother to be is doing Red and Yellow and stars for the new baby girl. So we incorporated those in as well.
 Bonnie made this cute picture frame for the new baby Annie.  I just LOVE that name!
 I made the hanging stars(also had sparkley jewels hanging between the stars) and the Modge Podge Letter A.  There were Cake Balls that were "Sudden Death" Tennis Balls, Fruit Kabob "Slices", "Smash" Spinach Salad, and get a "Grip" on chicken salad croissant sandwiches. We borrowed a ping pong net from a friend and put Green felt on a square table with white tape as a Tennis Court.
 Words related to Tennis
 Satisfy your "Sweet Spot" with Lemonade
 Party Favors: Thanks for Popping By
 Front Entrance to my house
 Instead of your typical baby shower games we played Minute to Win It games.  It sure spiced things up!  This was shake out the tennis balls from a Kleenex Box
 Wear a pedometer on your head and shake it for 30 seconds and see who has more steps
 Put a cookie on your forehead and slide it down to your mouth and eat it with no hands.
 two pencils taped together with candy on them tied to a string that is put behind your ears.  You can only pull the string to raise the pencil to your mouth and eat the candy.
 Sucking M&M's with a straw into another bowl.
Bite a craft stick and balance 5 dice on the end for 5 seconds.  BTW, my friend in this picture had her baby the following day!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day

 For the past 2 months we've had a family of four living with us.  Thank goodness for our 4th bedroom! They have 2 boys, ages 3 an 1.  Perfect playmates for my boys.  If only they got along 100% of the time!
 Here's Blake and Nathan.
 Hmmmm....not so sure I like being this close to you...
 It gets pretty crazy here most of the time with these 4 boys keeping us busy!

 On Labor Day we road on the Forest Park Miniature Railroad.  I could not believe we've been here over 2 years and have never ridden it before.  It has been on my To Do List.  So we finally ventured out and rode it!
 The Simmons' came with us. Austin and Makayla are buds! We also went swimming later that day after naps and then had a BBQ. We love hanging out with them!
 Enjoying the ride!

There was a quick pit stop so we ran to the front to get a picture with the engine. Toot Toot!