Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Texas Ice!

Last Thursday we had freezing rain and a light snow on top that froze to the ice.  Work was cancelled for Tyler on Friday so we got to spend some quality time together. That quality time lasted allllll weekend since everything was shut down.  We even had church cancel on Sunday!  We definitely have been getting stir crazy, and I'm so thankful we have a big truck with 4-wheel drive so we could drive around on the ice just fine and get out of the house for a while on some of the days.  In Texas they don't even bother de-icing neighbors or even some of the main roads.  In fact they don't even use salt to melt the ice on the roads...just dirt...Many people couldn't even get out of their driveway.  Tyler went to Wal-mart and had to help 2 people get out of their parking spot since it was an ice rink.   When we drove around Saturday night there were cars here and there abandoned after getting stuck.  Truck drivers lined the highways and Interstates for the night since cars and trucks were stuck everywhere even on the slightest hills...

It was fun to see all the posts my friends had of their kids' sledding.  I didn't see a single sled, but I did see cookie sheets, cardboard, laundry baskets...etc...we used a boogy board.  

 This is a must see.  Tyler gives Austin too fast of a push on the sled toward our house and I dive in front of Austin to keep him from slamming into the brick...Both babies are safe!
 Tyler's explanation...

It was fun seeing the boys enjoy sledding so much!  We didn't even need that big of a hill to get them going fast on the ice/snow!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Love Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving day started out with the Fort Worth Turkey Trot with this gal, Cynthia, my past running partner.  We stopped running together once I got pregnant and it was Super Duper hot outside, so she convinced me to do the Turkey Trot since we did it last year.  I have been exercising regularly but not running long distance so I was a bit nervous, but it ended up being a great experience!  We started in the walking group which was incredibly tight (There were SOOO many people) but after a mile or so of that we started picking up the pace and ran and weaved in and out of groups of people.  We laughed every time someone pointed out how pregnant I was, and running.

After I rested up from the run we got our house ready for our guests coming over.  In reality I'd been cleaning my house for the last 3 days here and there, felt like I was already nesting.  We had 3 families and the missionaries over for our feast and ate some delicious food. 

 Tyler's mom sent us this cute little Turkey Table Runner that I love! It was so fun to make a festive table.  It was also great sharing all the food assignments with my other friends and NOT cooking the Turkey!  My friend Bonnie made the best Turkey I have ever tasted and that just made my Thanksgiving right there.
 After some great food and pie we turned on Elf and everyone loved it.  Especially Tyler. haha
 This is our little Thankful tree.  We had everyone write what they were thankful for on the leaves.
 A few days later we busted out the Christmas Decorations. Blake was in Crrrrazy mood! He was bouncing off the walls.
 This is a great shot of him hitting the branches together.
 Austin got really into it and helped Tyler the entire time putting all the branches on.  What a good helper!
He lasted until we started stringing the lights and that's about as far as we got that night.