Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blake's Birthday Bash!

 So here's what we did for Blake's Birthday.  It was a Cars Theme since Blake LOVES McQueen and Mater
 I had balloons hooked on the bottom of the streamers but the boys knocked them all off before guests arrived.
 I made the cake and was pretty happy with how it turned out!
 I went simple with the food.  Just watermelon and cupcakes and chocolate covered mini donuts(spare tire)
 I had the kids decorate cardboard boxes so they could use them as cars for the car wash.
 Austin was the first to run through the car wash.  The kids were timid at first but once they got going they had a lot of fun.  And look how GREEN our grass is!! We've had a nice amount of rain this July which I've never experienced so much at this time of year.  It's been great!  Usually our grass is dead and yellow by now.
 I sort of felt bad because Blake didn't like it at all so I have no pictures of him.  But he had fun driving his bikes around while everyone else ran through.

 I picked up a couple tires from my friend who owns a ranch and just had them hanging around.  She was glad to have us take them off her hands! So we did a ball toss into them.
 My friend Jane swinging on the kids swing.  Everyone had a great time on the tree fort as well.
 Almost all the ladies sitting and watching the husbands dunk basketballs on a 8 foot hoop!
 And finally! Here's the birthday boy! Blowing spit all over his cake. haha!  But he blew them out on his own.
And he dig right in to those cupcakes! Happy Birthday Blake!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blake Turns 2

 Wow! 2 years old already?  I can hardly believe it.  He is growing up and talking so much though.  And he's definitely got an attitude and temper that comes along with 2 year olds.  But he's still my sweet precious baby Blake to me. That is "baby" until the next one is here.
 Tyler got this train table at an auction for a stealin' deal.  We just had to dust everything off piece by piece before I let him take it in the house.  The boys LOVED IT! They woke up this morning and headed straight to it.
 Church that day sure did wear everyone out.  I had to wake them up so we could go eat dinner at a friend's house.
 Blake blew out his candles right before the end of the song and I was not ready for that!  So I made him fake blow for the picture.
 Mini cupcakes were a hit! and so much easier to eat than the regular size ones.

At one point all the attention was on Blake.  He usually quiets down and puts on his no smile face but he got really funny and started making funny faces at everyone and laughing really hard.
 More funny faces
Love his blue eyes!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Week in a Nutshell

I hosted playgroup at my house this past week.  My friend brought this pvc pipe creation that shoots water that her husband built and they are going to give it to us since they're moving! 
 It was so hot I bet all the mom's wanted to run through too.  Thank goodness everyone brought snacks to share.

Next, we dressed up like cows to get a free meal at Chick Fil A on the 12th.  Sooo worth it!

 Blake didn't like his costume sadly.  I still brought the pieces as proof that he did have a costume so he would still get a free meal.  They are so nice.
 Austin followed the cow around for a LOOOONG time! He wouldn't even come eat his food.  I'm sure the cow was happy when we left.  Austin wanted to get a cow after that.

Today we went to the Weatherford Peach Festival.  I'm a sucker for GOOD peaches! By far my favorite fruit.  We headed to the ice cream booth right when we got there.  Good thing because it was sooooo incredibly hot we were sweating after being outside for 2 minutes. 

 Blake loved the ice cream too.  You just can't say no to that face can you?
 Happy Face!
What a cool sign!

Monday, July 8, 2013


 The Bump Saturday morning (14 weeks)
 The Bump Sunday night (14 weeks) - now do you believe me that my stomach is huge already??!!! To mothers with 3 or more kids...is it normal to have a larger belly at 14 weeks than at 22 weeks with the last kid???!!! I'm starting to get nervous. Maybe I'm growing another 9 lbs-er or larger.
 Tyler got me a 4 hour session of archery from Groupon for my birthday.  Even though it was steaming hot outside - we decided to use it now rather than later.  I would be larger and it would be hotter.  At least we were in the trees.  They did have some indoor ranges as well but it was a lot more fun to be outside and go from animal to animal.
 We invited our friends, Bonnie and Spencer along to join the fun.  Bonnie has shot many times before! I never knew she was so good!
 I definitely could see myself getting in to this hobby.  I felt pretty cool! haha.
 Tyler shooting a long ways away.  We did spend some time looking for the arrows that missed.  If any were broken or lost it was $10 a pop!!!!! We got lucky and found two or three extras and broke one so we came out ahead.
 Bonnie shot the turkey right through the head! It was pretty awesome.
 Here's Spencer, trying to keep up with his wife. :)
 I didn't realize we were supposed to look tough for the picture.
It was a fun 5 hours to be away from the kids! Thank goodness we had an awesome babysitter!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

 Tyler has been wanting to add more accessories to the treehouse for a while and the other night he got to work.  He drilled holes in this old wagon we picked up off the side of the road,(the wheels were broken) and tied some rope through them.  Now it works perfectly and swings really well.
 Austin and Blake can both sit in it but Austin wanted to get out and push Blake.  And that is fine with me!
 Tyler pulled out the ceiling fan in our bedroom that was 100's of years old (Ok, maybe 50) and took the pulley from it and hooked it up to the treehouse! Now Austin can pull his bucket up and down with no hassle.

 The boys were excited to be in our annual 4th of July parade at my friend's house.  We brought their bikes and decorated them for about a half hour and then got all the kids onto the street in front of her house and they went down and back.
 I told Blake to show me his crazy face.
 You can see some Turbo Fire coming out the back.  He's going really fast.
 Just about the start!
 Of course we had to get a picture of everyone before we let them loose.
 And we're off!
 We even had some confetti to throw at the kids as they went down the street. That was pretty fun.
This is Austin's best friend Makayla.  She is one tough girl. She's pulling her brother in the wagon and pedaled the entire way!

After that we did some furniture shopping, took a nap, the went to a BBQ and pool party at a friend's house that was DELICIOUS! Then after that we drove out to Granbury and parked near the lake and watched the fireworks with a few other families.  Tyler was a trooper and had to go to work today. I'm beat!