Monday, February 16, 2015

Finished Product!

 Now that the project is finished I am SOOOO happy with having a larger shower.  I don't know how I survived before! JK.  But I really love our shower head and all the extra room.
 We had them make this window smaller so we could bring the shower out farther for extra shower space.  We also had them install a fan!!! There used to only be a heat light from above, so taking showers in the summer will be much more pleasant this time around!
We bought this vanity as well as the medicine cabinet mirrors(Which I LOVE) and the lighting above.  There is also can lighting on the ceiling and above the shower.  Now Tyler and I can brush our teeth at the same time! How wonderful!  I'm sure we could have enjoyed this bathroom long ago if I hadn't been so stubborn.  I tried really hard to keep my magical ball light hanging from the ceiling, but in the end I know this is the better choice. Tyler made sure that ball was taken out of our house and would never return...

Before Pictures

 The previous owners really did a fantastic job updating the home and I thought it looked really nice.  However, it was cramped!

 This is a rather large window for a small bathroom and the tub was so small we had to get a shower rod that curved out so we weren't running into the shower curtain.  Again, I was more than happy to live this way if it meant not spending the money to redo it.
However, I knew Tyler wanted to rip down this wall between the sink and this pointless vanity area with my beautiful magic ball hanging from the ceiling. :)  After some convincing he dove in to the project and got things done...That's what's so great about Tyler.  He plans WAY far in advance and talks to me about things little by little. So once the plumbing issue became a necessity to fix, we were ready to remodel.

Master Bath Remodel, Phase 1

 We've been saving up to redo our master bath and started the project by fixing a recurring plumbing issue.  Our toilet and bathtub kept backing up.  After multiple plumbing visits we finally had them send the camera down and an obvious problem was found.
 3 foot of pipe was in desperate need of repair!
 Here's the pipe they took out with a lovely crack down the entire 3 feet.  The inside of the pipe was also disgusting as it was only 1/3 of the way clear. Everything else was filled with sludge and roots.
Finished product by the plumbers.  Now we get to fix the rest!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Benbrook 5K

 A few weekends ago I ran in a small 5K race and I placed 1st in my age group!!! I was also the 5th Female overall.  I got this medal as proof! It definitely wasn't my fastest time ever, but I've been making slow improvements to my running since I've had Cody.  The benefit to running in a small race is even though I didn't run as well as I wanted to, I still felt so good about it cuz I got FIRST!! Woot Woot! 

Austin Turns 5!

 I picked up this free cake pan mold at our church shop and swap!  I have been SOOO excited to use it.  Austin chose Michaelangelo...big surprise!

 Austin wanted to put in his candles.  Of course the first two were right in the eyeballs. Ouch!
 We just did cake and ice cream as a family this year.  It was so nice and relaxing!  Besides our own crazy family.
 Singing Happy Birthday
 Blowing out the candles
 Cody's first time eating cake.  He didn't even eat it.  Good thing I didn't make a cake for him on his birthday!
 Blake always happy to eat cake!
 Cheesy face

  Austin was so nice and let Blake open one of his presents!  When he woke up that morning we had a scooter for each of the boys which was his main gift.  He's been doing "tricks" on the scooter ever since.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Family Pics

 We took family pictures while we were in Ilinois with Tyler's family.  It was cold but we got them done quick! Which was nice.  And Cody did such a good job smiling!!! Austin did a great job making goofy faces...but that's just how he is :)
 Austin with his crazy face
 Jane and Richard
 It was also great because we just took the pictures in the backyard, which has a beautiful setting AND we didn't have to haul the kids anywhere!  And when we were done with our portion of the pictures we could run back inside and escape the freezing cold weather!  You gotta zoom in on Austin's face in this one.  He looks hilarious.
 Another great smile from Cody
I love this picture with all Tyler's siblings.  It was such a candid shot and it's perfect! We had such a fun time with them over Christmas.