Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cody's Birthday, January 17

 I couldn't help but look back at Cody's newborn pictures when his birthday started getting closer. These two show just how big he was! I love his shoulder in this picture.  I think he was working out right along with me while I was pregnant! Haha! Cody was 10 lbs when he was born and I will never forget how relieved I was the moment he was born!!!
 Here he is soon after he was born.  He looks so HUGE! He has been a sweet baby from the start.
 He started walking just before 11 months and he is a pro now! He walks everywhere and is up and down and chasing balls all day long.  He is a smiley happy kid and people always ask me if he ever cries.  
 I just love his cute face! He's got a huge head, but he also has a massive body so it fits.
 We invited our friends over breakfast on his birthday and served up some homemade pancakes with cool whip and sprinkles.  He LOVES pancakes!  He just sat and watched us all while we sang to him. It was so cute!  He seemed so grown up.
 Couldn't wait to get started!
All we have to say is, "Cody, say cheese!" and he knows what to do.  We love you Cody!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Illinois for Christmas

 We spent Christmas at Tyler's parents' house which was a lot of fun.  We had everyone there from his family.  Tyler's 3 brothers, 1 sister, 2 sisters in law, 1 future sister in law, 1 niece, and grandma and grandpa!
 Aunt Amanda! 
 Uncle Chris helped Blake make a pretty sweet hat out of one of their Christmas toys. I can't help but think AFRO CIRCUS! AFRO CIRCUS!
 Uncle Christ brought his miniature disc golf basket and Cody LOVED putting the mini discs in the basket.
 I love this picture of the basket right behind him. He looks like a turtle!
 Daddy and Blake driving the plane!
 Tyler's brother Spencer and his future bride Allie! So excited for those guys! 
 Chris and Janelle's daughter Hazel. She was a doll! She sat there and laughed at anything our boys did.  It was hilarious!
 Cody and Hazel! Best buds!  Playing catch with the football.
 Cody let me take a quick picture of him on the rocking chair
 Cody started walking pretty well while we were there. Grandma Jana, "nana"
 We went to the City Museum which I don't have any pictures of, but it had all sorts of cool slides and tunnels to climb through, along with a bunch of scientific stuff.  After the museum we checked out a couple places at their zoo. It was cold so we made it a quick trip and checked out a lot of insects and lizards indoors!
We had to get a family picture next to the giant beetle.
 Ultimate game of NERTZ! I loved playing games with everyone.  It was a fun way to relax after the kids went to bed.

Christimas Work Dinner

 Tyler and I went to his work Christmas Party and it was a delicious dinner! Here we are all fancied up.
I did this craft with some women at church and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Can't wait to display it next Christmas!


 My bosom friend Allison (who is a professional seamstress) made me this skirt for Christmas! I'm not a girly girl, but this skirt definitely makes me feel like one.  She took my measurements at church that morning and came over that night to give it to me. She's AMAZING!