Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A lot of "FIRSTS" 'round here

Don't click on any links in my post! I don't know how to stop them!!!

 It's been a looong time since I last blogged...for me...so here's what we missed!  Austin started preschool and goes twice a week for 5 hours a day! He absolutely LOVES it and still has a hard time leaving when I come to get him to take him home.  I love his teacher.  She is the perfect teacher for my rambunctious child.  Austin posed himself for his "1st day of school picture."
 Since I never blog about myself, here's one thing I've been excited about.  I've been going to Fit Camp at the YMCA and the trainer there has had me working on bench press, and I outdid my high school max by 20 lbs!!! My muscles really don't look that big under all the extra fat...but they must be in there somewhere! 150 lbs is my new max! What what!
 Random picture of painting.  Austin has really sprouted in his artwork.  He actually draws things now rather than a bunch of scribbles! It's exciting to see his imagination grow.  Blake is not far behind him!  Blake also started going to a "preschool".  My friend has it at her house once a week for 2 hours.  He's really been enjoying it and it's during Austin's preschool time so I am down to ONE KID for 2 hours once a week.  It's pretty awesome!
 Austin first team sport was soccer.  The season just ended and he learned a lot in those 6 weeks!  He started out timid and would run around the outside of the entire group and would only kick the ball if it somehow escaped the massive group of kids.
 But he sure had fun! He was always hopping and jumping around and would always keep score! He told everyone the score whenever a goal was made. Even the ref! It was hilarious.
We missed 2 games while we were in Utah and when we got back for his last 2 games he somehow turned on the jets and became the star player.  He was always right there getting the ball loose and then outrunning all the kids to the other end while dribbling the soccer ball and scoring goals! It was so fun to watch!
 He gets super excited whenever a goal is scored. 
At his last game he started running in after the ball and falling to kick the ball almost every time...unfortunately he ended up tripping kids left and right whenever he did that!  He had so much energy he would pop right back up and run after the ball and slide and kick the ball and trip more kids.  The referee was awesome and talked to him after the game so hopefully we can get that figured out the next time he plays.