Tuesday, June 17, 2014

18 Holes of Disc Golf

 This past Saturday we drove a half hour to meet up with 2 of Tyler's co-workers in the morning to play disc golf.  Cody did great in the stroller the entire time and the boys loved finding all sorts of treasures along the way.
 I decided to skip a few holes and stay down below rather than carry our jeep jogging stroller up.  I thought this was a cool shot of the basket with the guys surrounding it.
 Austin and Blake checking out roly poly's on the Tee pad
 Tyler threw his disc in the creek down there.  Austin watched out for Alligators and water mocassins  while he climbed down to get it.
 Here's another creek Tyler threw his disc in. Oops!  He's actually really good at disc golf. :)
We scored some free Grand Slams from Denny's from the Ranger's Game and decided to use them after our long morning.  Cody got to taste his first pancake and was licking his lips after he ate it.
 Cody graduated to the jumper and he is loving it!
 Meeting Mr. Frog for the first time!
 My friend Allison made me this belated birthday cake. I was in Peanut Butter heaven for 2 weeks.  It was the best cake I've ever tasted!  I also had surprise balloons on my door with chocolate covered peanut butter rice krispy treats and homemade hot fudge from the Simmons.  My friends know me well!
 We got a kiddie pool!!! It's been awesome!
 I made a snake and insect pit for A & B.  It's been fun.
I guess I should have buckled him in.  And should not have him up on the table. Oops! #momfail.  That was the first hashtag I've ever done...and it wasn't even a true hashtag but it was fun.

Trip to Houston

 Before I go into details about the trip...This is what we call a lazy day...Also known as, Turn on the tv while I madly clean the house to prepare for company!  Also, so the house stays CLEAN before company arrives.
 I love this picture!!! We went to the PGA Tournament.  Tyler was invited through work so we got in for free.  One of the professional golfers even touched Cody so he may have special Golf Powers now. I guess we'll see!
 Over Memorial Day Weekend we drove to Houston to visit Kara and Preston and OF COURSE went to the beach!!! It was the PERFECT day for the beach.  I pretty much fed Cody all day it felt like, but I also got out and enjoyed the water too.
 Austin was in the water the ENTIRE time! Blake still was unsure about the ocean and stayed in the sand most of the time. 
 Afterwards we went to Rainforest Cafe for my birthday dinner.  It was so fun!!!
 Cody did this a few times while grocery shopping.  I just thought he looked funny.
 We took a walk to the pool on Sunday and stuck our feet in. It was so fun to just be lazy all day!
 Kara made me a delicious chocolate cake!
 Do we look like sisters?

Here was our beach setup.  It was pretty awesome! It was a fun trip! I hope Kara and Preston survive the hot humid summer down there!

May Catch Up

 We've loved these mini ice cream cones! Perfect for kids.  And I eat less ice cream too :)

We got Austin a bow and arrow set.  He's really good! I hope he likes that stuff when he's older
 I love Austin's hug in this picture.  He was so goofy!
 Trying to get a family picture.  At least Tyler is looking. haha!

 4 months! Sitting up for a good 30 seconds or so.  17 lbs 9 oz. and 26.5 inches. CHUNKER!
 Spinach was growing like crazy in my garden so we've enjoyed many green smoothies
 Oops! I mean Ninja Turtle Power Juice!
While Lori was here she helped me make homemade jam!!! My first go at it and it turned out great! NEVER EVER getting store bought again.  Can't stand that stuff!

Cinco de Mayo Party

 This is our second annual Cinco de Mayo party that we put together pretty much the day before.  This is my signature pinata I make from scratch.  Otherwise known as trash bag pinata.  El Chu is a favorite around here so me made him into a pinata the easy way.  Good thing Lori was here!  She thought we were crazy putting a party together so fast, but it turned out great!
 Blake taking a swing
 Austin still is the King of hitting Pinatas!
Lori finally busted the thing open.  I love this shot with all the candy falling down!

Catching Up!

 Life is happening waaaaaaay too fast right now.  So here's some catchup of the last few months.  Tyler scored some cheap tickets to the Mavs vs. Spurs Playoff Game!  This is the game that Vince Carter made the game winning shot for the Mavs.  The game was incredibly loud! But Cody managed to take 2 naps.  Including sleeping through the game winning shot at the end.
 He did so well the entire game.
 On the train ride from Dallas back to Fort Worth.  This was our anniversary present! Happy 6 Years!
 Lori and Kara came to visit!!! I hadn't seen Kara since her wedding March 2013.  And I hadn't seen Lori since right before she left on her mission?  So it had been...a year and a half or so? Maybe closer to 2 years.
 We went to the Botanic Gardens.  Austin has turned into quite the climber and Blake is trying to catch up. :)
 Yay for sisters!!! It was so fun having them here.

 We celebrated Lori and Preston's birthdays while they were here.  Cowboy boot on the left for Lori(I was so proud of how that turned out!) and a Golf Course on the left for Preston
Preston and Kara are spending the summer in Houston.  It's been great having them closer