Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Fun!

 I went on an outing just me and Cody. This was his first time in a cart and he looked adorable!
 We had fun at Makayla's house doing random activities.  He loved this one!
 Funny Face! He has my crazy uneven eyebrows. Poor kid.
 Austin is rockin' the puzzles! It all of a sudden clicked for him.  He did this one all by himself.
 Our friend Spencer tried to doorbell ditch cookies but we caught him.  Then he took the kids for a ride and gave us a break last Sunday! It was pretty awesome.
 Cody standing on the window sill waving goodbye.  Well, not really.  He doesn't wave yet and he balanced there for a good 10 seconds.
 It seems I've been dubbed the babysitter these past few weeks! Which makes for some crazy fun days!  For the past 3 weeks I think I've babysat 3 days out of the week each time.  So many friends having babies!!!

These boys crack me up! They are so much fun to have over.  They just play the whole time!  Lots of crazy fun energy!
This is Cody's favorite spot while I'm doing the dishes or making dinner.  He loves the tupperware drawer.  I like this picture because I love his hand me down outfit and I think he actually looks like my baby pictures in this one.  Usually he looks mostly like Tyler but I can see a hint of me in this one. 

The hot summer heat took a while to get here but now it is in FULL FORCE! I can't wait for fall!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blake Turns 3!

 Blake's birthday is July 21.  We had a small party for Blake right after we got home.  He is such a sweet kid.
 He gets nervous in the limelight at times...

And other times he shows off his stuff. 
I made him a cake that was blue like the sky with clouds.  That's about as creative as I got with this party! Oh well!

 Blake loves flying Planes.  Or watching the movie.  So Tyler made him this swing from scratch!  He got some plans online and then created his own thing.  It turned our AWESOME!!! The best part is he can climb on and off by himself and when you push him, it doesn't just go straight back and forward, it gets a twist going in it so it's like you're riding on a wild ride. :)

A little bit about Blake at this time in his life.  He doesn't like big crowds and is often found playing off on his own when we have a lot of people over.  Austin and him play so well together (most times).  Austin comes up with all the crazy ideas and Blake goes right along with it. One amazing thing about Blake is that if someone(Austin most of the time) asks him "nicely"(says please) Blake will hand over whatever he is playing with, even if it is his favorite toy. Of course if he isn't in the mood there are times when he won't, but he usually does and that is what impresses me most.

We love you Blake!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Almost Home

I love this picture of these two!  We stopped at a random antique store on the way home and we had to buy something to use the bathroom so we got some candy and unhealthy snacks.  Perfect!  Overall the drive was great with the kids.  We definitely had some rough moments but we mostly enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stop in Denver

After Utah we drove through Denver on our way home and stopped to see my long time friend, Lyette and her family.  Her little boy Cedric was adorable!!! Our boys had so much fun playing together.
 We stopped in Breckenridge at a sweet pizza place and played games while we waited for pizza.
 Cody got a kick out of the straws
 The boys had so much fun playing with Cedric.
 They loved all the same shows...of course
 Blake had so much fun giving Aspen lots of hugs!
And before we knew it, it was time to go.  And now Lyette has two kiddos! Good luck mama!

One of our "rest stops" on the way home.  It really is great traveling with boys...

Utah Trip: Jamberry!

 The girls had fun with some Jamberry Nails while the boys were away golfing.  Here's Kate.  Soon to be the older sister of some twin baby girls!
 Miss Lily who is always in charge
 My mama who is always in on the fun
And dear sweet Kayla! She has been through a lot already in her life yet she's always been a ball of sunshine!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 4 - Cousins

 Austin, Benson, and Brooks.  All born within 3 months.  These kiddos were goofballs! Austin loved playing with all his boy cousins.  I hardly saw him.
 We stopped by my Aunts house in Springville and all her kids were there visiting too.  Here is Cody with his older cousin Indy.  Such a cute kid! And a cute name.  Although he wasn't too happy about a picture. 
 Tyler's brother Spencer was in Utah that summer doing an internship with my brother in law, Brad, at Namify.  It was fun to hang out with him a few different times.  Cody's middle name is Spencer so these two have a special bond. haha
 Cody hung out a lot with Ella.  Ella is two months older but I do believe Cody had her by a couple pounds...
We went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel and they decided to play a game of checkers outside. Classic!

Utah Trip: Part 3 - Stadium of Fire

 My brother in law Brad hooked us all up with Stadium of Fire tickets while we were in Utah.  We got 2 babysitters for 12 kids and headed out.  Cody was lucky he got to come with us! and boy did he love it! He was glued to the show.  There were so many cool performances it was so much better than I even imagined!
 The firework show was amazing. Best I've ever seen!  I loved that they did the fireworks to music. 
 Still awake!
Carrie Underwood performed that night after all the pre-acts and boy was she good!  It took FOREVER getting out of the parking lot after and we made an illegal dash out of a gate but luckily got through.  Thank goodness Tyler was driving and takes risks like that. :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 2 - FOURTH OF JULY

 Since the Provo Parade was JAMPACKED the entire day before we decided to make our own parade in my sister's neighborhood.  Tyler went out and bought some supplies for the kids to decorate with and then loaded up the truck and headed out.  Jana texted her neighbors to come out so we could throw candy at them.  This was the BEST idea ever!  We got to be in the parade and we didn't end up with ANY candy leftover!
 We also shot off a rocket that day with baking soda and vinegar.  Jamie's attempt failed...
 So Bryson read the instructions and followed them to the T and Wallah! The rocket shot off!  Leave it to Bryson
 Lily made an animal balloon all by herself! I was very impressed.
 Hanging out on the front porch in the shade where it was actually cool! In the shade! I love this weather.
 All dressed up and ready for the parade.
 Sitting on top of Spencer's head.  Tyler's brother was in the Provo Parade for Namify earlier that morning and was the mascot.  So he was dressed in all black with this foam head running around.  The kids loved it!
 Pushing the kids in the parade
Everybody wanted to ride in the truck of course.
 Blake got to sit up front with Uncle Spencer!

 Austin rode his bike the whole way...twice! We were driving too slow for him apparently.  He'd ride way ahead and then loop back.  What a stud!

We loved spending holidays with the family!

Utah Trip: Part 1 - Utah

 We finally made it to Utah! Wahoo!!! Tyler and I both missed the mountains, but didn't quite realize it until we drove into Salem.  We got together with Tyler's brothers and two sisters-in-law.  The boys snuggled right up with Uncle Chan.
 We visited Tyler's grandparents, and the boys had fun playing in the trees in their living room.
 Swinging was fun!
 Grandpa Al and Grandma June.  It was so fun to visit with them and eat dinner with them just like old times!
 We finally got to meet Hazel! This is Cody's first cousin on Tyler's side.  And of course it was a girl! I think they will get along great.

Grandpa Al also passed on some of his woodworking tools to Tyler which we hauled back in a U-Haul trailer. Tyler has already put them to good use.