Friday, December 19, 2014

Look Who's Taking His First Steps?!

 Cody has successfully taken about 15+ steps.  However, he usually gets in about 5-10.  He's still pretty wobbly but he loves trying!  He's got some crazy eyes!
 More crazy eyes!
 I'm gonna get you mom!
 Falling gracefully
He still seems too little to be walking! Time is flying by.  He's such a sweet, happy, fun loving baby.  Everyone comments on how happy he is and he loves making people smile.  I mean really how much better can it get!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More pics!

 Cody and Lydia
 He loves the straw...trying to get him to drink drink drink!
 On our way to Thanksgiving Dinner at Tyler's cousin's house.  Austin and Blake wouldn't wear nice clothes so I put Cody in this darling outfit! Old man suit and boy did he look good.
 Christmas Tree is UP!
 Jumping Pic!
 Jumping Pic!
 We took all the boys to the TCU game.  It was so hot! I got sunburned!

 I'm pretty sure Cody got a little sunburned too. Ooops!  I didn't think I'd have to pack sunscreen in December!
 Our friends happened to be at the same game so we sat with them the last half of the game.  Austin and Makayla, best friends
 Blake and I.
After the game we went to the Benbrook Tree Lighting and Fireworks with some friends.  This will definitely be a new family tradition!

Monday, December 15, 2014

October Fun

 These boys have fun! 
 Funny faces
 Austin LOVES practicing sports in the backyard.  He takes sports seriously for a 4 year old.  I am surprised how many times I hear him yell "Mom, I'm going to go practice outside!" It's going to be so much fun watching him play sports as he gets older.
 We were Pippy Longstocking and Huckleberry Finn for Halloween.  We went to a friend's Halloween Party and I think it was the first time I left Cody alone with a babysitter! I felt so FREE! 
 It's hard to see but he has a fishing pole and he caught me with it in the picture.  
 And YES this did happen! Austin's hair was getting SOOO long so we shaved a mohawk that lasted for a good month and a half before we cut his hair normal again.  He looked like a crazy kid! I'm sure we got some strange looks but it was fun while it lasted.

Tyler turned 30 this year and we had cake at the park.  We brought Cornhole, Disc Golf basket with disc golf frisbees, basketball hoop for playing bump, football for catch and all sorts of outdoor games to play.  It turned out to be so fun and laid back which was nice since this was a busy month!
 Cody's first time trick or treating! He did so well in the stroller the entire night and didn't try and pull his costume hat off.
Trick or Treating with friends!

Lori's Wedding

 We headed to Utah for a SECOND time this summer! We flew this time since we didn't have as much time to spend there. The weather was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! 
 We had some fun 4-wheeling right outside Jana's new house in Santaquin.  This is Kara and I.  She was a great backseat driver.  She let me do whatever I wanted and didn't complain about the crazy ride!
 Cody loved his ride with dad. Wasn't scared a bit!
 The same weekend we flew up for Lori's wedding, happened to be the same weekend of Grandpa Al's funeral.  This is Tyler's Grandpa who died of Pancreatic Cancer.  It took him so fast we were so lucky we had seen him in Utah earlier that July still in good health.  We will miss him so much!  He always had so much energy and did so much service.  He also loved woodworking and passed on a lot of his tools to Tyler which we are grateful for.  
 We had a great visit with Great Aunt Shirley who is Tyler's Grandma's sister.  This was my first time meeting her and she is a ball of fire!  Her and Grandma June definitely act like your typical sisters and it's so fun hearing them argue!
 Outside the Bountiful Temple waiting for the newly married couple to come out.  I got to help Lori get dressed in her wedding dress and it was BEAUTIFUL! I liked hers more than mine!

These boys sure love each other!
 Sisters!  So much variety in hair color!
 Us with the newlyweds!
 My family! Boy we have grown! And since the wedding Jana had twin baby girls, so that's two more grandkids! For once there are no grandkids on the way....that I know of ;)
 These expressions match their personalities perfectly!
Me and my little piggy!
I got to stay an extra week and a half with Jana and Kara in Santaquin while Tyler left on a work trip.  I don't think I saw my older boys all day long! It's so fun having them play with cousins.  I miss being close to my sisters!