Saturday, October 17, 2009


Me and the Tyler's parents and siblings in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked about halfway across and then walked back

Eating at Tyler's family's favorite fish place. I hate fish, but I loved the clam chowder!

Looking at Alcatraz from afar

I got tired of standing up so I tried relaxing while flying. It worked out great!

Tyler's grandpa collects and flies kites as a hobby. We took all his kites to a park and flew them for about an hour

We went to the bread factory and Tyler and his little sister Amanda found an alligator made out of bread. We spent the day down in San Francisco

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  1. Tyler's family is so cute! That looks like a fun trip. I am liking the green long-sleeved shirt too... I wear mine all the time.. haha! I am going to miss not having a bunch of the same running shirts as the years go on.