Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Shower

Me and one of my old co-workers Jessica.
My two cousins. Jonna on the left is due today and Annie is her sister. There were quite a few pregnant women at the shower!

Here I am talking with my friend Stephanie. Me and Tyler play Pinochle with her and her husband on a regular basis.

Julie is an old roommate and her sister Melissa came along too. Julie is due exactly a week after me.
Natalie, Jenny and Brinli. Friends from church.

My two best friends all growing up, surprised me by flying in the Friday before my baby shower! Sara is now in New Jersey and Lyette is in Denver. I was ecstatic when I saw them! They are the best friends ever.
Daylen and Kate LOVE balloons!

Tyler chilled upstairs with Brad while the festivities went on. Kate's hair is a pretty typical hair style for her now days.

Becky and Nicole...College roommates. They are looking at the baby quilt my mother-in-law made me. I will post a better picture of it soon.

Tyler's little sister Amanda (Who is 10) sewed the little blanket on the bear and then sewed it to the bear's hand. She is quite talented!

Jana (my sister) put on the baby shower for me and it turned out GREAT! Thanks so much for all the work you put into it.
She made DELICIOUS homemade muffins and we also had fruit parfaits.
Daylen liked my Dr. Seuss whale.

We played a matching/memory game where candy bars matched with mommy terms. The best was "Postpartum Belly" matching with "Jelly Bellies"


  1. Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there!

  2. It did turn out pretty good didn't it? Glad you had fun!

  3. I am so excited for you guys!Hi tyler! you will be a great dad! Rachel enjoy every minute even that hard ones!