Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Austin's Baby Blessing Week

This is Austin taking a bath in Great Grandma Hair's sink. He actually liked his bath in here. I think he's still afraid of the big tub.
Tyler's brother, Chandler, was having extensive jaw surgery this week so this was the best time to bless Austin since the whole family would be in town. Austin cried through the entire blessing...but then again he was only 3 and a half weeks old. I don't have him trained yet. :)

Lori, Jana, and I with Austin

This is our first picture we took with Austin all dressed up since he's been born! I usually wear sweats all day.

4 generation picture. Great Grandpa Al, Grandpa Richard, Tyler, and Austin

Grandpa Glen Gilbert came down for the weekend. Austin's middle name is Glen who is named after my grandpa here.

Daylen and Austin

Kate and Austin. They're all ready for a new baby brother who will be here the middle of May.

Tyler's dad with Austin

Austin's aunt Amanda. She loved holding Austin while she was here.

Who said babies don't smile before 6 weeks? Here is Austin at 4 and a half and he usually has a smile a few times a day. Mostly from passing gas I do believe. But here he is super happy just stretching out on the floor after a full tummy and a clean diaper.


  1. Cute pictures! Thanks again for hanging out today!

  2. Cute cute! He is changing and growing already!