Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tyler accepted his offer to TCU in Fort Worth, Texas so we will be moving there this August. Austin is very excited as you can tell! Actually, this picture was actually taken about 3 weeks ago but I thought it fit.
This is his classic look when he is surprised or sees something for the first time. The whites in his eyes make him look a little crazed!

We went down to Jana's house in Salem to watch conference and went on a walk between sessions... It was cold so we bundled Kate and Austin up real good. At one point Kate started singing to Austin when he was crying to try and soothe him. So cute!
Our little family!
He's just not quite sure if he likes being bundled up or not.

Now he for sure knows he doesn't like it! Good thing this is after the walk was over.

Don't they look alike?

Watching sports together...already...If we only have one channel, ESPN, Tyler would be a happy man.


  1. I love that big picture at the top. Too funny!

  2. So I'm pretty sure when you move to Fort Worth, we are going to have to meet one weekend in the middle!!! I would love to see you!