Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trip home to Walla Walla

Lori needed a ride home after the semester was over, so we decided to take a trip home. Tyler GRADUATED as well so it was a good break from school and work.

Austin's first LONG road trip. He was pretty concerned at first but he did great overall!
We decided to go to Palouse Falls, which ended up being a very windy and cold day, but it was very beautiful! It was our first time going there and I couldn't believe what I've missed out on growing up having this so close by.
Very recently someone rode their kayak over the falls and survived! Talk about crazy.
Austin inside the car since it was so windy and cold.
All bundled!

Austin's first time in his Bumbo chair! He did a lot of head bobbing!
This is at home in a flower patch in front of our house
Family picture!
Mom and Dad with Austin
All the girls with Austin. He has a hard time looking at the camera...

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  1. He is totally adoreable! It was great to see you and your little guy!