Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

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Birthday: PART I: My birthday was last week on May 26. My friend Sara took me out to lunch to Rumbi Island Grill and ice cream at Coldstone afterwards. She loves babies and Austin has tons of fun with her. She also babysat for me that week. We will definitely miss the Lyman's when we leave!
Birthday Part II: Tyler got me Ticket to Ride and wrapped it in one of Austin's creative... ;) We didn't have wrapping paper. I played this game for the first time a few weeks back and LOVED IT! Tyler also made me Spaghetti for dinner and Chandler made my birthday cake.
Here we are playing Ticket to Ride right after I opened it. Austin got way into the game and was great helping me choose what cards I was going to play next.
Birthday PART III: So I've had a gift certificate to get a manicure since last summer from Sara (Lehman) Castor when I was a bridesmaid at her wedding. I kept meaning to use it but never did! I finally used it 2 days after my birthday on the expiration date. It was my first manicure and it was fabulous! What a great birthday present. Thanks Sara!
Birthday Part IV: Jana took me out to lunch 2 days after my birthday at Kneaders and we brought all the kids along. Daylen, Kate, Brooks, and Austin. Afterwards Jana babysat all 4 at my house while I went and got my manicure! Just prepping her for her next kid...haha. That was such a nice treat. Here is my niece Kate saying "cheese" while stuffing my birthday cake in her mouth.
Me nephew Daylen eating some of my birthday cake and making a funny face at the camera like usual.
I don't think I take enough pictures with Austin and me. It was kinda hard getting him to smile while holding the camera out in front though, so this is the best one out of a lot.
Supposedly these pants are 3-6 month size....but I'm pretty sure they were labeled wrong...
Austin in his adorable overalls! The best part is the yellow shirt has a cow on it.


  1. Those pants are hilarious! They probably are labeled right. . . skinny boy! Cute pictures. :) Glad you had a nice extended birthday!

  2. Looks like your birthday was so fun! I wish that I could've been there, oh to be young and have slumber parties again :) Hope that I can see you next week!

  3. Cute pictures! Austin has a super cute smile, he looks adorable in those overalls!