Friday, August 20, 2010


We went to dinner one night with Eliana. She was in our ward back in Utah and moved to Forth Worth a few months before we did. We went to PF Chang's with her and caught up with life. It was so fun to see her again and hear about all her new adventures.

Austin being cute. I couldn't resist.

Make a Wish!

Lately Austin has been crinkling his nose and squinting his eyes when he laughs. Then he'll breathe in and out of his nose really fast as he laughs and ends up snorting. I laugh at him and he laughs harder and does it again since he knows I like it. The problem is...he does this in Relief Society too!
The next Karate Kid!



  1. Holy blogging spree! Cuteness! I had to rush through the posts because I should be packing to go CAMPING! I'll read through them more carefully when we get back. Looks like fun times!!

  2. That's hilarious that he does that in Relief Society too. :) I bet everyone just loves t. :)