Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Austin is potty trained!!! Well, we'll see how the next couple weeks go but he's gone a good 3 days in his underwear. (diapers for sleeping). We even went to the zoo for 5 hours and he peed in the toilet there twice. WOW!

We tried out a new science experiment...vinegar in the bottle and baking soda in the balloon.
He loved it when the balloon blew up
After I tied off the balloon Austin was trying to figure out how to get some of the leftover baking soda out of the balloon. Then I got the idea of putting a pearl into another balloon that I blew up and he loved shaking that up as well. Simple pleasures!
Here he is sporting his new underwear


  1. Way to go Austin!!! I bet it is so nice having to change less diapers!

  2. The potty training sounded way to easy:) Is Blake wearing the onsie Austin just wore in August?? So cute!
    Grandma G