Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can we go to the Lake?

Austin catching some air as he's throwing his rock...He was soooo excited!

Anywhere we go, Austin is constantly on the lookout for rocks or sticks. When we go on our runs he is constantly asking for the stick or rock he saw on the side of the road. Which causes me to do a lot of bending over mid-run.... After he gets his stick or rock he immediately wants to throw it into the we search for the next puddle so he can throw it. So we decided to take him to the Trinity River Trail between conference sessions on Saturday so he could throw rocks into the "lake"!

It was so stinkin' hot we could only stand to throw rocks for about 10 minutes until we got sunburned.
Ha ha Suckers! I'm in the shade!
We couldn't get them to put their hands down for the picture.

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