Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Shower

 My friend, Bonnie, and I put on this Tennis Themed Shower for my friend.  It was sooo fun to plan!  I really have not planned many parties and definitely haven't ever done a themed part like this before.  I got some good ideas from my friend who has a blog of different party themed ideas she has and they are amazing!!  Her website is

 This was the main table with the food and the decorations.  Along with Tennis, the mother to be is doing Red and Yellow and stars for the new baby girl. So we incorporated those in as well.
 Bonnie made this cute picture frame for the new baby Annie.  I just LOVE that name!
 I made the hanging stars(also had sparkley jewels hanging between the stars) and the Modge Podge Letter A.  There were Cake Balls that were "Sudden Death" Tennis Balls, Fruit Kabob "Slices", "Smash" Spinach Salad, and get a "Grip" on chicken salad croissant sandwiches. We borrowed a ping pong net from a friend and put Green felt on a square table with white tape as a Tennis Court.
 Words related to Tennis
 Satisfy your "Sweet Spot" with Lemonade
 Party Favors: Thanks for Popping By
 Front Entrance to my house
 Instead of your typical baby shower games we played Minute to Win It games.  It sure spiced things up!  This was shake out the tennis balls from a Kleenex Box
 Wear a pedometer on your head and shake it for 30 seconds and see who has more steps
 Put a cookie on your forehead and slide it down to your mouth and eat it with no hands.
 two pencils taped together with candy on them tied to a string that is put behind your ears.  You can only pull the string to raise the pencil to your mouth and eat the candy.
 Sucking M&M's with a straw into another bowl.
Bite a craft stick and balance 5 dice on the end for 5 seconds.  BTW, my friend in this picture had her baby the following day!


  1. "popping by" i get it that's pretty CORNy!!!!!

  2. You might be amazed at how a couple of Baby Shower Games can have even the noblest lady laughing like a schoolgirl in a matter of moments and amazing everybody when she shouts "child".

  3. Looks like it was an entertaining event. Loved the entire setup for food and decorations. We are also arranging a baby shower for my daughter, and I’m really excited that I’m becoming a grandma soon. We have booked one of the nearby event halls for rent and will be having an enjoyable time at the shower.