Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cody's Birthday, January 17

 I couldn't help but look back at Cody's newborn pictures when his birthday started getting closer. These two show just how big he was! I love his shoulder in this picture.  I think he was working out right along with me while I was pregnant! Haha! Cody was 10 lbs when he was born and I will never forget how relieved I was the moment he was born!!!
 Here he is soon after he was born.  He looks so HUGE! He has been a sweet baby from the start.
 He started walking just before 11 months and he is a pro now! He walks everywhere and is up and down and chasing balls all day long.  He is a smiley happy kid and people always ask me if he ever cries.  
 I just love his cute face! He's got a huge head, but he also has a massive body so it fits.
 We invited our friends over breakfast on his birthday and served up some homemade pancakes with cool whip and sprinkles.  He LOVES pancakes!  He just sat and watched us all while we sang to him. It was so cute!  He seemed so grown up.
 Couldn't wait to get started!
All we have to say is, "Cody, say cheese!" and he knows what to do.  We love you Cody!

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