Friday, July 31, 2015

Man de la Mancha!

 After horseback riding alllll day we ate at our normal breakfast spot to try their dinner. We got some fried fish as a starter and had a paella mixture for dinner.
 I tried allll sorts of seafood I've never had before!  Fried squid, muscles, prawns, (shrimp I still won't eat)...I was surprised at how it wasn't that bad.  It's still definitely not my first choice of food to eat, but I CAN eat it!
 We were pretty hungry....(Tyler eating a prawn...the wrong way)
 We finished dinner off with creamy, thick, rich, hot chocolate and churros. They were AMAAAAZING!
 We woke up the next morning to drive to the giant windmills!!! On our drive there the scenery was sooo beautiful! There were olive trees EVERYWHERE.  As far as you could see for miles and miles.  It was a sight to take in.

I was so excited to see where Don Quixote and Sancho Panza made their story.  Once a loooong time ago I was in a short play in 7th grade and played the part of Sancho Panza.  Little did I know he was short and fat and his donkey was reaaaaaally short! haha. 

 Trying to stay healthy by eating carrots on our drive
 Here is the first glimpse of the windmills. They are the white things poking up from the hill.  I could sort of see why Don Quixote thought giants were coming to attach his castle.  It was crazy to see just how close they were to his castle...I always pictures them way off in the distance. And a ton of them!  There were just a handful.
 When we got there to take a tour of the castle there was a class field trip going on and it was so fun to watch the kids.  They were playing all sorts of mideval games. Here they are playing tug of war
 Here the main tour guide is giving them a sword fight lesson.  He was sooo animated and sooo great with children.  I was laughing my head off and I didn't even know what he was saying.  Tyler did do a great job translating for me.
 The view from the top was incredible! I loved seeing all the plots of farmland spread across all viewpoints and going as far as you could see.
 There are the Giant Windmills off in the distance behind us!
 Tyler and his rockstar jump! I love how it turned out.
Replaying my past and slaying the Giant! It was a lot of fun. I will always have a special place in my heard for Don Quixote.

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