Sunday, August 16, 2015

Madrid ~ The Royal Palace

We ate a hearty breakfast to prepare us for what would be a long day full of walking.

Our walking tour took us through Plaza Mayor, where they were having a GIANT yoga fest. There were hundreds of people inside the fenced area already (but only a few were actually doing yoga...haha), and hundreds more waiting in line to either fill up the last few spots or wait for others to leave. Rachel knows yoga :)

 Our first stop was the Royal Palace, but before we got inside we ran into these two dudes... 

Rachel says: "Take a close look at Tyler's eyes...stunning!"
Tyler says: "I can't believe this beautiful woman followed me all the way to Spain."

The Palace was incredible! The royal family used to live there, but for the last few decades it has been exclusively a museum of Spanish heritage and history and a tourist attraction. It was VERY grand, full of incredible artwork, architecture, and artifacts. There were very few places where we were allowed to take pictures inside the palace, so you'll just have to take our word for it.

The Royal Staircase...not part of the original design but built in after the fact by one of the Monarchs because he wanted a grand entrance to his ballroom and other parts of the palace to impress the foreigners. It worked. 

The ceiling paintings were typically murals depicting the life and accomplishments of the great monarchs of Spain and the people they ruled. I was surprised to learn about how strong a connection there was between Roman culture, Christianity and the Spanish nobility.

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