Monday, November 2, 2009


There were different games going on at our Ward Halloween Party. They needed one more contestant so my Bishop started chanting Rachel Hair...Rachel Hair...and soon everyone chimed in so I couldn't turn them down...Needless to say the gummy worms in the whipped cream were not easy to chew and I did not win...It was fun though!

Me as a pregnant gangster...mostly because I really wanted to wear those pants (old high school basketball warm-ups) and Tyler in his grandpa's Air Force attire-It was the real thing and even had a patch that said "Hair" on it...The suit was just a tad-bit high-water on him and accentuated his long legs! Hilarious!

Tyler and I won the partner donut eating contest on a string. It was pretty tricky with no hands but we were able to eat it all without any falling on the floor...Now that takes talent.


  1. LOL! That's hilarious! You guys are such good sports! Sorry we missed that party.

  2. Good job on winning the doughnut hanging contest!! I love the costumes- especially Tylers! How funny!!