Monday, November 2, 2009

My Trip Home!

I went home to use some of my days off before I stop working. This is my little sister Kara (last one at home) and my mom. This dress really does hide my belly VERY WELL! I swear I wasn't sucking in.

So, the pictures were uploaded out of order...This is what Tyler had waiting for me when I got home! What a sweetie! A week later and they still look this beautiful!

This is my AWESOME grandpa in the middle. He flew back with me to come visit the family he has up in Utah. His hat really adds to his outfit!


  1. Nice blog. You are getting better at it. Love the pictures. Love you both. MOM

  2. Awwww... how sweet of Tyler!! That is so fun that you got to go home for a bit. I am sure that your mom was glad I was not in Walla Walla when you came... haha!