Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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I have done a lot of blogging lately...So feel free to see the other new ones I've done before this. And now to catch up with Halloween, momentarily, and I am all up to speed! Austin has started eating real people foods now. He especially loves his bananas and cheerios. He eats 1 jar of gerber veggies and 1 jar of the fruit for lunch and for dinner...then he eats a little bit off of our plates as well. He is always willing and eager to try everything. He loves drinking out of a cup the way we do. He still has some work to do on the sippy cup though.
9 MONTH STATS: 28 inches (50%), 18 lbs (10%), His head is (90%)!
Oh what a goof he is! Austin does not crawl normal. He scoots on his bum, turns 360s on his belly and is now getting very good at his army crawl. At times we catch him pulling this stunt! Perhaps a gymnast in the making...
Halloween was a BLAST! We went to a party Friday night at a friend's house and then went to our ward trunk or treat on Saturday. I made Austin's carrot costume out of felt, yarn, pipe cleaners, and a single piece of elastic to go under his chin...I had no idea how well hot glue works on felt! This was my first THING I've ever made and it was so much fun, and cheap!

Here is a closer look at his hat. Oh how he loves posing for pictures! Makes my life so easy. AND he wore his hat the entire time.

Sportin' the carrot!

And here we are. My mom made this dress when I was a senior in high school for my senior prom (Theme: Roaring 20's). I have worn this for 3 or 4 Halloweens since! I love it. Tyler pulled off his costume very well with a borrowed Fedora Hat!

Tyler had this bright idea to carve sk-HAIR-y (scary) in our pumpkin. He's so clever! Tyler hates pulling out the insides of the pumpkin and that is my favorite part! So I pulled out most of the insides while he did the carving. Silly boy.

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  1. That's how Matt and I carve pumpkins. I do the dirty work, and he carves. haha. It's my favorite part too! Austin's costume is awesome! Great job!