Friday, October 29, 2010

Tyler's 26th Birthday!

Last Friday was Tyler's birthday. He spent the morning golfing with an older gentlemen he's gone with a few times. So far, Tyler has not had to pay because this other guy covers for him with points he's built up since he golfs all the time. Wouldn't it be great to be retired? He has also acquired 4 free clubs form this guy, so I think I will let him continue this hobby until it gets too expensive. I had planned on making him Teryaki chicken for his birthday dinner, however, the older gentlemen invited us over to his house for dinner since his birthday was the day before. So we went over there instead and had dinner and cake with his 2 kids who are our age. We already knew the entire family since they go to church with us. It turned out to be a great night and we got to watch the Texas Rangers win the game to get them into the World Series!!! We hope they start playing better against the Giants.
Then, last Sunday(7AM)-Tuesday(7PM) we babysat a family with 4 kids while their parents flew out for a job interview. Going from 1 kid to 5 under the age of 8 was quite the eye opening experience! I realized it is a VERY hard job being a mom, yet I enjoyed every minute of it. It helped that the kids were very independent and very well-behaved. On Sunday we celebrated Tyler's birthday with them.
Tyler and Austin ready to blow out the candles.
The kids helped us decorate the cake. The sprinkles of course got a little bit out of control.

And everyone blew out the candles.
And here is the cute little bunch! Their mom said the kids told her the best part of their weekend was Austin. They all adored him and gave him a lot of attention with hugs and kisses...way more than he is used to and he got a bit fussy at times. One of the little boys asked their mom the next day if I was coming over today. She said, "I think Rachel needs a little break from you!" I did need some recovery time, mostly from loss of sleep and being on my feet all day.
1. Got locked inside one of the bedrooms with the 2 youngest boys and Austin after the wind blew the door shut. The door does not open from the inside...only from the outside.
2. Got a flat tire on their van on the way to preschool.
3. Between getting the spare tire on and getting a new tire, it was then time to take the other boy to preschool who didn't have shoes and didn't have a lunch. Thank goodness for a friend who lived close by who let me pack a lunch at their house (It was the golfer guy's house)
4. I loved having all the kids come in to our room in the morning at 6 AM and hang out on our bed. Of course I was up anyways because Austin wakes up at 5:30 AM everyday.

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  1. Ahh, wow when i watched the 4 kids for a week luckily i did not have all those things go wrong! ps your dress is way cute! if we lived closer i would help you sew something on :)