Monday, April 25, 2011

My Week

I feel like telling y'all about my week. So feel free to read. I think it mostly felt busy because I usually don't bake this much. For some of you, you will laugh and think this looks like your normal week or I hardly even did anything...but for me, a stay at home mom, with only one sure felt busy.

Monday - Went on a really good run! Babysat for one of my friend's. Practiced a song for Easter Sunday that afternoon, "This is the Christ" that I sang with 3 other girls. Had our neighbors over for Family Night and made chocolate chip cookies for refreshments.

Tuesday - I also got a good run in that morning. Got a lot of shopping-groceries done, and that's about it that I can remember about Tuesday...not too bad. Oh! we had a really crazy hail storm that night with hail the size of dimes!

Wednesday - Also went running! 3 days in a row! I felt awesome. Had an easter egg hunt with the playgroup I go to, so I made cookies for that too.

Thursday - I had one of my friend's over and her two little girls and made sugar cookies with them during the day. Practiced the song for Sunday again. That night I was in charge of an activity for the women in our ward learning basic sewing skills(I did not teach a thing! - only learned a lot) but I helped with getting it all set up and making sure everything was going smoothly. I did have a lot of great help from other people as well. I made banana chocolate chip muffins for part of the refreshments.

Friday - Tyler, Austin and I went on a 10 mile bike ride! wahoo! (With my extra 17 lbs and Austin's 22 pounds). Drove 45 minutes to look at a couple cars since we're on the lookout for a car purchase...and stood in the heat for WAY too long looking them over. Came home in time to make dinner for 6 missionaries!!!!!!! They ate at our house and it turned out really good. Tyler didn't have school that day so he was able to help me with dinner, which was great since we didn't have a whole lot of time since we were out and about all day. That night Tyler also drove to pick up his brother, Chris, from the airport who was staying with us for a couple days and driving back one of the cars we'd been using that belonged to Tyler's family.

Saturday - Went to the Water Gardens with Chris in the morning. Went to another easter egg hunt that afternoon at a friend's house and also made cookies for that(Used the sugar cookies I made earlier in the week), and then went to the Beauty and the Beast Broadway Muscial that night, which was AMAZING.

Sunday - Went to church. Sang the song I had practiced earlier that week. Went to dinner at an older couple's house in our ward who have babysat Austin for us before. SOO nice of them. I made a salad and Key Lime Pie to contribute to the Steak, Potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. We stayed til about 10:15 pm sitting out on the lawn(til the storm hit) and playing Farkle.

Monday - You only thought it stopped with Sunday! haha. We are now down to one car since Tyler's brother drove their family car back to Utah, so I drove Tyler to school, picked up Tyler from school and took him to work, dropped Austin off at a friend's house, went to my doctor's appointment, picked Austin up, then picked up Tyler from work.

Tuesday - Hasn't happened yet but I'm making dinner for the two missionaries serving in our ward. Then this Thursday-Saturday Tyler and I are babysitting 4 kids while their parents are out of town.

Austin and Mackayla shaking their instruments together! It was hilarious
I love Austin's face in this one!

Austin trying to figure out what these darn eggs are for...
Picking up the two eggs he found that have dropped on the ground about 10 times now from his basket!
Tyler, Chris, and Austin at the other easter egg hunt
Austin - "OK, mom, I found 3 eggs. Can I go play now..." Me - "No, Austin you need to find some more so I can get more candy!"


  1. Austin looks so grown up! I love bush weeks, but it definitely makes me appreciate when it snot too busy. :)

  2. That was definately a busy week! Love the pictures as always. Keep them coming.