Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Special Visit

Lyette has been my REALLY REALLY good friend since elementary school. She is now teaching 5th grade in Denver. This past week was her spring break, so I convinced her to come visit me! :) She flew in Tuesday afternoon and flew out Saturday afternoon. Lyette and Austin really hit it off and it was great to have someone helping me with him and keeping him entertained all day. He loved it when she read books to him.
A random picture one morning. He LOVES this Teddy Bear that his Aunt Amanda gave him. He will hold it and hug it all morning long!
Yes, we know how much you love your bear Austin. He will just babble and babble the whole time too, telling us all sorts of stories.
Until he sets his eyes on a ball. Then the bear is forgotten and he runs around the house throwing the ball and chasing it. This was the best $0.99 I ever spent!

On Wednesday, Lyette, Austin, and I hung out and did some random shopping, involving Diaper deals for me, Tangled for Lyette and ingredients for her DELICIOUS key lime pie(That I will be making every week from now on), and using my $10 free coupon to a new Kohl's that just opened up here. Lyette and I ended up buying the same shirt! Funny how that always seems to happen when you go shopping with your girlfriend!

On Thursday we ventured out early and went to the Water Gardens in downtown Fort Worth
Lyette and I standing awkwardly for the picture! haha
It was hard to get Austin to smile since he just wanted to run off on his own all the time. Lyette is a natural! I think she should have one of these soon
He decided he had enough of the stroller and wanted to push it himself
Here we are trying to make sure we fit in the picture that was timed, and getting Austin to hold still
I got lucky and snapped this shot! Love his expression!
Lyette and I on top of "The Mountain". It is sooo nice and green in Texas right now! Gotta love Springtime in March!
Tyler jumping off the ledge with Austin. He loved it!
After the Water Gardens we went to the Stockyards to experience more of the Texas Cowboy feel. Here we are going crazy on the spur...well, I am. It's harder than you think holding your legs up like that with a pregnant belly.
In front of the statue of the guy(forgot his name) who started the sport of steer wrestling
Watching the Longhorns being herded down the street at the Stockyards
Here they come! They do this twice a day, EVERYDAY, at the stockyards
That same day I taught Lyette how to make flower clips, which we are wearing, and made Calzones(Fancy style) for dinner. It really looks like we're wrapping a mummy or a cacoon don't you think?
On Friday we drove to Sam Moon and shopped around for a bit. Then hit up the stand alone JC Penney's store right by Sam Moon that was awesome! Lyette got a really cute summer shirt. So jealous! :) Then we tried to find a new way back to avoid traffic that didn't work, so we followed a long stream of cars slowly home. Then we took a stroll through the Botanical Gardens in 85 degree weather at 3:00 that afternoon. Not the smartest thing, but we had fun! We summed up the day making whole wheat bagels....however, I did not add enough flour to the dough so they ended up being too sticky and did not form right! AGH! But they still tasted good! :)

Saturday morning we went on a nice, relaxing walk through our neighborhood and watched the first session of General Conference. Then we drove Lyette to the airport and said goodbye. The week really went by WAY too fast. We really loved having her here. It was a FANTASTIC week and I am going to need a few days to recoop! I leave for Washington on TUESDAY though, so I better recoop fast. I'll be going home with Austin for a full week! I can't wait! April is going to fly by fast

AND! Forgot to mention we played Ticket to Ride twice, Burn, 13, The Farming Game, and Quiddler late into the night every night. Not every single one every night, but I don't think I will be staying up past 11 again anytime soon. Oh the joys of married life with children!


  1. Wow sounds like a fun, buuussssy week! You're looking so beautiful Rachel! Your belly bump is not big at all - you keep saying that you feel huge compared to last preg but I can't imagine how you could be much smaller at 6 months pregnant. You look great!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post! I agree with Alainna that you look SOOO good! I also wanted to tell you we went out and bought Ticket to Ride today becuase I had a 33% off coupon...yay! Thanks for having me and letting me be apart of your family for a few days! :)