Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recent Happenings

Austin loves having friends come over to play. Even if it means he must be a gentlemen and succumb to her every whim!
"OK mom! We're ready!" That's right, we've hit the roads again. It was an AWESOME last week since the high was only about 85-90 degrees all week. Now it's back to the 100's but we sure took advantage of the cooler weather by going to the park everyday.
Lately I've been ablet o get Austin to eat new foods if he eats them with a toothpick! Brilliant! I've started to smash a piece of bread, spread PB and Jelly on it, roll it up like a cinnamon roll, and cut it into little circular pieces like a cinnamon roll would look. And he NOW eats PB and Jelly again.! It's all about presentation I guess.
Our neighbors gave him this really cool ball but it was a bit dirty, so Austin helped daddy wash it in the sink. He loved the bubbles! I think we're gonna have to start taking bubble baths.
Best buds!
Blake smiles very easily! His best moments are right after he eats. He will just smile and smile and has also started talking. "goo goo" and "gaa gaa". He really gets into it.

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  1. Those babes are so cute! Austin is getting so chubby and big! I wish I could have met that little Blake. It looks like things are going well, good work and congrats!