Wednesday, August 31, 2011


He is smiling A TON now! Notice the outfit - "No Hair? No Problem!" Thanks Aunt LuAnn for the awesome purchase when we had Austin. Works perfect in our family. Also, Blake looks exactly like Austin in this picture..the eyes, the mouth, the nose...
However, in this picture he doesn't look a thing like Austin did. Weird.
So happy! He is such an easy going baby. And 6 weeks old TOMORROW! Wow, time flies.
Our awesome neighbors let us "borrow" their son's shoes since he grew out of them. So we get to use them until Austin grows out of them. His first pair of Nike shoes! He prefers to wear them over every other pair of shoe.
We went to a splash park today with some friends. Blake enjoyed the shade in the carseat for half the time and the other half on my lap while I poured cold water on him every few minutes to keep him cooled off. The temperature outside was probably 105 or so. Yikes!
It was worth it though! Austin had a blast. He got a bucket of water poured on his head which is why all his hair is plastered to his head. I can't wait until his hair grows out again. This is his friend Makayla.
And this is my awesome neighbor who is helping Austin get wet since he didn't like to get wet by himself!
Only one more month of HIGH HEAT TEMP! wahoo! Then we can start to enjoy 80 degree weather again.

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  1. Love the pictures! Did Austins hair get cut to short?? Blake is growing fast. Glad he is such a good baby. Love ya all!