Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chandler's Married!

Tyler's brother Chandler got married last weekend so we flew out to Utah for the occasion. Here are the two lovely newlyweds with nieces and nephews. It was a beautiful wedding and everything turned out perfect! Even the weather!

Mr. Blake and his awesome "borrowed" outfit! He looked great
Family picture!
Uncle Chris and Blake
Austin found a piano and we couldn't pry him away. At least he was happy!
Teaching his lil' bro how to play. I'm hoping this interest keeps up for when he can actually learn how to play.
My Boys!
During both receptions Austin found the nursery and stayed there practically the entire time. Here he is chasing a balloon with a frying pan.
Left to Right:
Jane's parents (Grandpa Dan and Grandma C), Jane and Richard, Richard's parents(Grandma June and Grandpa Al) and then us. It was so fun to see Tyler's family. They are pretty hilarious when they all get together. Especially with Grandpa Dan and Grandma C there. They are pretty spunky!

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  1. Oh those suits turned out so cute! Love it! Looks like you had a fun time. I love visiting family.