Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct. 22

Tyler's birthday was last Saturday, Oct. 22. We invited some friends to eat cake at a park near our house. Austin got to practice for when he turns 2 in February.
I didn't put all the candles on because after cake we played "2 truths and a lie" about Tyler and one of the lies was how old he is...He turned 27 this year! Wow...that's sounding so old...

We went to the BYU vs TCU game yesterday in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Yah, BYU lost in a sad game but it was still fun being there!
We had AWESOME seats...well actually we had a suite! Some people from Tyler's work asked if they could use their company's suite and since none of the bigwigs had reserved it, we got to mooch!!!
It had a tv screen on the mirror in the bathroom of the suite! That's just how cool it was. And we got free food and drinks!
and the stadium was SO HUGE!!! But we were down close so it didn't seem as big as if we would have been in the nose bleeds. But as you can see the fans filled the stadium pretty good considering how many people it holds. What a fun night!

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