Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sick Week

I love their faces! Tyler got me flowers after I finished my 5K(Beginning of November) which I found out really was 3.4 miles long, so my time wasn't as bad as I thought it was! wahoo!

First off, Isn't that an adorable face??? He got wrapped up in his Teddy

Two weeks ago, Tyler was sick with a sore throat/cough for an entire week. The day he got better(just a cough), I got sick, and the next day, Austin got sick. 4 days after that Blake finally got sick. ugh! It's been a miserable week. I've had a sore throat now for 7 days and still counting. Maybe we should have gone to the doctor? ? ? We're all on the mend now. Not 100%, and Blake is still going up and down, but we're making it.

On another note...Our oven/stove has not been working since Tuesday. Which actually gives me an excuse for not making yummy dinners! We've had mostly pancakes...french toast...tuna fish...Thank heavens for my awesome electric skillet and george foreman!
Austin, I don't think that goes there...He loves putting on my chapstick. Probably another reason why we're all sick.

Blake had his first taste of baby food! and a 4 tries later I still don't think he's really swallowed any.

This post was really random but I kept accidentally deleting a picture and didn't want to reorder the entire thing. Enjoy!


  1. Love seeing pictures of the boys. I hope this next week is better for all of you. Love you all.

  2. YES! He is totally adorable. I love that first pic with them at the table! Cute!