Sunday, December 11, 2011

Z O O #2

We went to the Zoo again! Sorry if pictures of animals bore you, but we had a couple cool experiences this time I thought I would share. First one was with this pair of Gorillas. The male is farther back and the female is up here at the window. At one point she was pacing around the cage and ran right up to the window and smashed her body against it.

This big cat was pacing right up at the window. Austin was right up next to the glass watching it go back and forth. The tiger even went up on its hind legs and clawed the glass!
We spent a half hour or so by the bear eating lunch. We let Austin run back and forth for a bit. The bear paced back and forth on a rock ridge the entire time.
We even let Blake out of the stroller to get some closer looks.
The male Gorilla is huge! He even got up and walked around for a bit and Austin got a bit scared since he was right up at the glass. I would say we got our fill of the zoo that day.

We went in to feed the birds and Austin had a good time.

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