Monday, June 25, 2012

Our New House!

 We closed on our house June 14th! We moved about 5 minutes away from our old apartment which is great! We are in the same ward and Tyler has the same commute to work.  It's a 4 bedroom/2 Bathroom house with TONS OF SHADE which is necessary if you ever want to go outside here in Texas.  This is the view from the front yard.
 Also the front yard. It has nice stepping stones.  The house was built in 1964 but it has been remodeled almost completely on the inside.  There was an older couple that lived here for MANY years before they sold it to us and they have taken great care of the house.

This is our main room which also looks into the open kitchen and breakfast nook.  The fireplace is a bit overwhelming but I have gotten used to it already.  The trick is to stop Austin before he gets his bike on top to ride around on. Danger!  and yes, it's already happened

Here is the kitchen! It's very open. and very white.  I thought I would not like all the tile but it's been great. The kids love to drive their bikes on it...which won't always happen, but while we're still moving in I'll let them do anything to keep themselves entertained. Also off to the right is a ginormous pantry...I'll have to take a picture of it now that I have all my food in it.

Another view of the kitchen

This is my awesome OLD, ORIGINAL oven.  I really haven't used it that much, but according to the Home Inspector, it still works!  It feels very sturdy.
This is the guest bathroom. It has AWESOME storage
Guest Bathroom. It has this sink and then you go through another entryway to get to another sink, the toilet and the shower

             This is the front entryway. Just off to the right of the picture, past the brick half walls there is a long room that we aren't sure what to do with yet...Supposedly it's a formal dining and sitting area combined, but we'll see how we use it.
 This is our backyard.  Not sure how long all those plants will last with Austin running through them all the time... :)

A nice shed with Electricity!!!
                               It has a nice long, flat driveway to the garage.  Definitely putting up a basketball hoop...Maybe two to make it full court! Who's up for playing?

Already making themselves at home! They love playing with trucks together.


  1. I love your house, I mean home. It seems perfect! Good luck with unpacking.

  2. Wow, looks beautiful! Congrats:)

  3. Congrats! It looks so cute! And I LOVE the backyard!

  4. HOLY COW!!! What an amazing house! SO happy for you. :)

  5. How fun! It looks awesome. Congrats

  6. TOTALLY AWESOME!!! That's very exciting:) I can't wait to see it someday! Congratulations