Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shoot'em Up!

 Last Saturday I went shotgun shooting with a bunch of guys..."husbands" (I guess I should call them that).  I ended up being the only "wife" that came.  I actually hit a few clay pigeons as well! I was so proud of myself.  The best part was everyone cheered for me when I shot them out of the sky. haha.

Even cooler though...we have a few gun collectors in our ward, and I got to shoot all their SWEET guns.
 That squirrel didn't stand a chance!
 Austin loves tackling Blake...Blake thinks it's funny until he gets sat on or kicked in the face which usually happens after 30 seconds of fun.
Blake will push Austin all around on this! Blake's face is hilarious here.  It gets harder for him to push Austin on the carpet so he's pushing REALLY hard trying to get Austin moving.
Back an forth they go! Laughing and having fun.  Blake gets annoyed when Austin takes off and leaves him or gets off the bike.

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