Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caldwell, Idaho (2nd half of vacation)

 Tyler's older brother Chris got married July 14th in Southern California so we made a big 2 and a half week trip out of it and had soooo much fun! However, I lost my camera and ALLL my pictures(still not over it) so here are pictures other people have taken which I really appreciate. I am blogging our trip out of order, but I don't have any pictures yet from the first half of our trip. 
 This is at my sister's Stake Pioneer Day celebration which was Saturday July 21st. Also Blake's birthday!  So this is his birthday party!
 The entire production was awesome! They had so many fun booths to visit and even had dancers performing almost the entire time.  And it was almost 100 degrees outside.

 Austin and Kayla in a handcart...imagine pushing that across the U.S. with all your belongings. My mind cannot even fathom it.

 This was an old fashioned wagon Hurst display. Here I am with Austin and Kayla
 Lily and Blake
 Happy Birthday toothless Blake!!!
 We got a wagon ride around the parking lot
 Austin tried out the sack races
 He made it about 5 feet. It was hilarious watching him!

 Bryson, Me, and Tyler tried it as well
 Bryson beat us all but fell right before the finish line. Too bad he didn't technically win! haha

 Jamie was a pro at this one.  PVC piping.  Who knew you could have so much fun!  She beat Bryson pretty bad!

 Austin loved roping the steer! We got some good action shots of him.

 I love this picrture of us shooting the bow and arrow!
 Kayla and Blake! Kayla is undergoing chemotherapy right now and she is doing great so far.  She was out in the heat for 3 hours and kept up with everyone else.
 Benson feeding Blake some lunch
This was just one day out of MANY so there is more blogging to come!

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