Friday, December 28, 2012

Kara and Preston!

 My little sister Kara is getting married in March! WHAT?! She flew out a week before Christmas with her fiance Preston to spend some time with us before my parents came. I had to meet this guy before she really made any final decisions... :)  Well, she already had the ring so it's pretty much a done deal no matter what I thought.  Good thing I approve!
 Austin and Rhino!
 This is usually how I roll at the zoo.  One kid on each hip so they can both see the animals.
 There's Preston!
 Mr. Blake
 Austin and Blake both love cats and they couldn't get enough of this Bobcat walking back and forth.  It was getting close to dinner time.
 Love this picture!!
 We also ventured off to the Stockyards.  Preston loves this kind of stuff so we get along well.  They both bought cowboy boots while they were here and Preston got a camo belt buckle. Super cool.

 The happy couple
 Here's Austin throwing down some dance moves on the manhole of Casey Tibbs.  This is who my dad is named after.
 Riding the horse. I even put a quarter in this time. We splurged!
 Kara and Preston even washed my car for me!!! How nice.  Preston really did squeeze water from the sponge all over Kara's head. haha.
 We went downtown to see Santa Clause...Our plan was to actually go up and sit on his lap but the line was too long and we were headed to a hockey game as well.  So we just took some pictures.

Hockey! Austin and Tyler give them a thumbs up!

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