Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moving On...

Austin and I finished the retaining wall the week before Christmas. The deadblow is probably his third favorite tool (behind the tape measure and the level).  

 The finished product. We used every last block, but still have a little pile of rocks left over. Now we're planning what to plant behind the wall. Rachel would like to start a simple garden in the spring with spinach, broccoli, cucumbers and maybe swiss chard? (not sure about that last one...)

Aerial shot from the roof...

...which Blake thought was hilarious! While I was up there he kept running around in cirlces laughing and pointing at me.

What a TEAM!

Project #2: The Tree Fort

I dug two 2 foot deep holes, filled the bottom with 4 inches of gravel and compacted it. Then I staked and leveled a 4x6x8 pressure treated post and filled the holes with concrete.

I hope to build the platform this week. The plan is for it to be shaped like a triangle and sit 6 feet off 
of the ground, with 12' long side beams connecting the top of each post to each other and to the tree. Then I'll add railings, a ladder and a slide. Eventually I hope to have a fireman's pole, 1-2 swings and possibly an enclosed space on the back side of the platform big enough to camp out in with the kids.

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