Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gender Reveal Party!

 My awesome friend asked me if she could throw me a Gender Reveal first I was a bit hesitant, but after she asked me about 5 times I said yes. :)
 She is SUPER duper creative and I loved this envelope that I took to my ultrasound appointment.  Her hubby actually made the envelope himself. What a talented pair. 
 Everyone got to vote and then wear a sticker that said I voted! so cute.  At the end there was one more girl vote than boy vote.  And everyone came dressed up in blue or pink depending on what they thought I was having.
 Party set up! She sewed the bunting herself. I loved the blue, pink, gold colors.
 Garlic Parmesan popcorn (boy), and sugar and spice popcorn (girl), also blue and pink sprinkled rice krispies, and chocolate chip cookies (my fav)
 The chocolate mouse truffle stuff in the back is divine!
 Everyone got to suggest boy names and girl names before hand.  We went through them after.  Some top ones were Curly, Gwenevere, Noah(No-A-Hair)...pretty clever
 And the MYSTERY cake.
 Me beforehand
 When I cut the first side I saw the blue and said! Oh my gosh I think I saw BLUE! I was so surprised.  The first trimester of this pregnancy has felt so different than the other two so it seemed as if a girl would be headed our way.
Doctor cleared marked boy and the ultrasound picture was the most detailed boy I've ever seen in an ultrasound picture! It's a bit too graphic to post. haha.  So we've definitely got a handful of boys on our hands.

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  1. Such a fun idea! I love it. Yay for little boys! Im laughing because Madison's gender revel ultrasound was waaaaay to graphic too.