Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blake's Birthday Bash!

 So here's what we did for Blake's Birthday.  It was a Cars Theme since Blake LOVES McQueen and Mater
 I had balloons hooked on the bottom of the streamers but the boys knocked them all off before guests arrived.
 I made the cake and was pretty happy with how it turned out!
 I went simple with the food.  Just watermelon and cupcakes and chocolate covered mini donuts(spare tire)
 I had the kids decorate cardboard boxes so they could use them as cars for the car wash.
 Austin was the first to run through the car wash.  The kids were timid at first but once they got going they had a lot of fun.  And look how GREEN our grass is!! We've had a nice amount of rain this July which I've never experienced so much at this time of year.  It's been great!  Usually our grass is dead and yellow by now.
 I sort of felt bad because Blake didn't like it at all so I have no pictures of him.  But he had fun driving his bikes around while everyone else ran through.

 I picked up a couple tires from my friend who owns a ranch and just had them hanging around.  She was glad to have us take them off her hands! So we did a ball toss into them.
 My friend Jane swinging on the kids swing.  Everyone had a great time on the tree fort as well.
 Almost all the ladies sitting and watching the husbands dunk basketballs on a 8 foot hoop!
 And finally! Here's the birthday boy! Blowing spit all over his cake. haha!  But he blew them out on his own.
And he dig right in to those cupcakes! Happy Birthday Blake!

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  1. It looks wonderful Rachel! I wish we could've been there to celebrate!