Thursday, September 12, 2013

24 Week Belly

ALMOST 24 WEEKS!  I debated whether or not to post any belly pictures of me from here on out...I looked back at pictures I posted on my blog when I was pregnant with Austin and I am this size at 30 weeks with Austin.  I was this big with Blake as well at 30 weeks.  So.....I must be growing a major baby in here. Just slightly worried.  Granted, this is at the end of the day after dinner...but still.  That belly is huge!
I still continue to go to RPM/cycling 4 times a week. I do a FIT camp/BOOT camp class at the YMCA twice a week and I usually fit in a 2 mile to 2.5 mile run once a week.  So the belly hasn't slowed me down yet.  In fact, I feel great right now and have the most energy that I've had my entire pregnancy.  So I'll just keep on keeping on. 

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