Monday, September 9, 2013

Six Flags!!!

 Tyler's company had their annual work party at Six Flags this past weekend! It was incredibly hot but so worth it to go since we got in free.  We could go all day, but from 7pm and on it was just open to XTO employees.  We ended up getting there around 4:30pm and the first ride of the night was the carousel.  Bad picture quality so I'll let you try and find the boys! It was an over 100 degree day so we were sweating the minute we got out of the car.
 Along with getting in to the park free we each got $20 to spend so we ate some horrible tasting chicken nuggets but we were so hungry! We also got free water bottles that had free refills everywhere which was sooo necessary! 
 Austin and Blake also got these Superman shirts with capes for free.  Tyler and I got shirts too with the entire Justice League on the front but we didn't wear them.
 Boys being silly
 Austin loves making silly faces.

 We all got to ride the antique cars. They loved them!
 Blake was so excited to go on rides!
 I was glad I didn't have to sit out!
 Austin popped two out of three balloons and won a ducky! There were two older girls right next to him that were about 12 and they couldn't pop a balloon.  Austin has a rocket arm!

 Tyler took Austin on the go carts! They got to go for free on these too.  It was worth the half hour wait because Austin loved it!
 Blake was a trooper waiting with mommy.
 Here's the ducky Austin won.  Blake and him became fast friends.
 Zooming around the corner in the go carts

 Tyler almost made it in basket 2 twice! So close. All we walked away with was a little soft snake. But Austin was happy!
 Tyler did ride one big ride. Superman!
 All the boys in the truck
 Enclosed ferris wheel.  This was a great test to see if the boys liked rides.  It was their first time.
 Watching Austin ride his biggest coaster yet!
Tyler got Austin to raise his hands almost the whole time. This kid loves thrill rides! Another ride they did was the mini mine train that takes you in complete darkness. Austin loved that one too.
It was a fun adventure even with the heat.  It definitely was bad timing since I couldn't ride any rides.  But it was worth it to take the boys on all the ones we could in the amount of time we had.  I hope they do this again next year!

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