Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Austin, Texas

We drove down to Austin, Texas on Labor Day after a fun morning of volleyball.  Tyler had to go overnight for work so we decided to join him last second.  We know a family down there who used to live here in Fort Worth so we got to spend the day with her kids.  We went to the Children's Museum which was a lot of fun!  The boys loved jumping on the pigs outside.
 Blake calmly playing in the water
 Austin and Bryce shrieking and laughing every time the bucket sprayed water all over them as it was dumping.  They came away soaken wet!
 Blake still calmly playing on his own...
 Blake and Cody shopping together
 Cody had just started crawling a few days earlier so he was scootin' around great.
 This was their favorite part.  They built an easy-make airplane and stuck it on the machine...then pressed a button and it shot the airplane into the air.  They were trying to shoot them through the hoops in the air.
 Our crew!  Austin and Bryce were a crazy pair.
 The Light Room was fun!  Building magnetic towers
Filling in all the holes.  It was a fun quick trip!

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