Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Fun!

 I went on an outing just me and Cody. This was his first time in a cart and he looked adorable!
 We had fun at Makayla's house doing random activities.  He loved this one!
 Funny Face! He has my crazy uneven eyebrows. Poor kid.
 Austin is rockin' the puzzles! It all of a sudden clicked for him.  He did this one all by himself.
 Our friend Spencer tried to doorbell ditch cookies but we caught him.  Then he took the kids for a ride and gave us a break last Sunday! It was pretty awesome.
 Cody standing on the window sill waving goodbye.  Well, not really.  He doesn't wave yet and he balanced there for a good 10 seconds.
 It seems I've been dubbed the babysitter these past few weeks! Which makes for some crazy fun days!  For the past 3 weeks I think I've babysat 3 days out of the week each time.  So many friends having babies!!!

These boys crack me up! They are so much fun to have over.  They just play the whole time!  Lots of crazy fun energy!
This is Cody's favorite spot while I'm doing the dishes or making dinner.  He loves the tupperware drawer.  I like this picture because I love his hand me down outfit and I think he actually looks like my baby pictures in this one.  Usually he looks mostly like Tyler but I can see a hint of me in this one. 

The hot summer heat took a while to get here but now it is in FULL FORCE! I can't wait for fall!

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