Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More pics!

 Cody and Lydia
 He loves the straw...trying to get him to drink drink drink!
 On our way to Thanksgiving Dinner at Tyler's cousin's house.  Austin and Blake wouldn't wear nice clothes so I put Cody in this darling outfit! Old man suit and boy did he look good.
 Christmas Tree is UP!
 Jumping Pic!
 Jumping Pic!
 We took all the boys to the TCU game.  It was so hot! I got sunburned!

 I'm pretty sure Cody got a little sunburned too. Ooops!  I didn't think I'd have to pack sunscreen in December!
 Our friends happened to be at the same game so we sat with them the last half of the game.  Austin and Makayla, best friends
 Blake and I.
After the game we went to the Benbrook Tree Lighting and Fireworks with some friends.  This will definitely be a new family tradition!

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