Sunday, February 1, 2015

Family Pics

 We took family pictures while we were in Ilinois with Tyler's family.  It was cold but we got them done quick! Which was nice.  And Cody did such a good job smiling!!! Austin did a great job making goofy faces...but that's just how he is :)
 Austin with his crazy face
 Jane and Richard
 It was also great because we just took the pictures in the backyard, which has a beautiful setting AND we didn't have to haul the kids anywhere!  And when we were done with our portion of the pictures we could run back inside and escape the freezing cold weather!  You gotta zoom in on Austin's face in this one.  He looks hilarious.
 Another great smile from Cody
I love this picture with all Tyler's siblings.  It was such a candid shot and it's perfect! We had such a fun time with them over Christmas.

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