Friday, March 20, 2015

Beaver's Bend

 Some friends of ours invited us to spend the weekend at Beaver's Bend and share a cabin with them and their 4 kids! It was so so much fun to get away for a short time.  The lake was beautiful! The weather was a bit rainy and drizzly but not enough to stop us from having fun.  Of course the first item of business to take care of was throwing rocks in the lake.
 Unlike my other kids, Cody was not afraid of the water one bit! The first thing he did was walk right out into the water. And continued to the entire time.  It was nice to get him distracted by this trike for a bit so I wasn't constantly running after him.
 We brought our kayak with us and everyone was antsy to try it out.
 Austin learned to paddle by himself
 Another distraction for the baby giant
 Blake was so patient as he waited his turn.  He loved being out on the water
 Cody wasn't quite sure what to think at first but once they started moving he was lovin' it!
 While everyone took turns we found some other fun stuff to keep us busy.  We brought bikes
 Cody joined in on some frisbee
 Here we are outside the cabin.  We had fun staying up way too late playing games and eating candy while the kids were in bed! Of course the time went by way too fast but we will definitely come back another year.
I finally got Austin to smile normal. Of course Blake had to spice things up! They are just too cute.

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