Thursday, March 5, 2015

 We had some snow days recently and the entire town of Fort Worth shuts down.  So we have nowhere to go and get to play all day in the snow!  Which ends up being small bits at a time since we still have yet to buy some good gloves for these kiddos.  Austin 4-wheelin' it in the snow with the Jeep
 Striking a pose
 I spent Cody's naptime outside playing
 Pulling Austin in the sled.  He lasted longer than I did... and in the picture below of Cody...Cody is the only one with the snowsuit and he does not like the snow! We took him sledding and he cried the entire time.  Poor kid. 
 We've been growing Blake's hair out and you can see his wings if you look close!
And Austin's eyelashes are still as long as ever!  I'm excited for next week to be in the 70's!!!!

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